compressori portatili

Prime compressors with Hyperfilter purification system for tropical climates

The Prime line for tropical climates is equipped with cooling, filtration and lubrication systems designed specifically for humid and hot environments. It is the line suitable for intensive use.

Compressors with dryer

Compressors with Tornado dryer ensure higher air quality and reduce corrosion of mechanical parts by recharging cylinders with constant percentage of humidity. Thanks to the Tornado chiller, the operating life of purification filters will be up to 3 times longer.

Prime line: all models

Part of the Prime line are the Mark III Silent TPS compressors, with a silenced cabin chassis designed and built to facilitate maintenance operations; Ergo TPS, for those who want a version characterized by a compact and lightweight chassis; and Super Silent TPS, for those who need a compressor for humid and hot environments, but do not want to give up on silence.