Discover the five lines of professional air compressors for diving instructors and industry professionals

Coltri’s breathing air and technical gas compressors are incredibly versatile air compression tools. The breadth of the range makes it possible to find the best performing tool in both diving and multiple application areas and industries.

The milestones achieved in the last decade in the production of breathing air machinery have given a significant boost to design. With the goal of offering compressors that responded in an increasingly high-performance manner, we met the needs of firefighters, armed forces, industries, and technicians in the racing and paintball worlds.

Industrial and professional air compressors: technical features

Coltri’s research results have made it possible to bring innovative systems for compressing breathing air to the market.

The technology of Coltri compressors makes it possible to monitor and manage each operation even in automatic mode. The use of state-of-the-art materials and noise reduction have enabled the creation of compact and ultra-quiet air compressors.

Why choose Coltri high-pressure compressors?

Obtained from a high-performance filtration system, the air produced by Coltri machines is characterized by its purity, promoting the longevity of the equipment for which it is used.

The different lines differ in power and recharge times, but also in the ease of use and components on board the machine. Buy high-pressure air compressors by choosing according to equipment type, size and flow rate.

Check out all Coltri Compressors lines: breathing air and technical gas compression systems help reduce recharge times. Our highest performing compressor takes just over 2 minutes to recharge a cylinder (filling time of an empty 10-liter cylinder – 0/200 bar with ±5% tolerance).