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By accessing, consulting and / or using this website, you agree to fully comply, without reservations of any kind, with this information and to abide by all the general conditions for using it (hereinafter “ Disclosure “).

1. Legal Notes

The contents of this website (hereinafter the “Site”), including data, news, information, images, graphics, drawings, technical specifications, are covered by copyright and are the exclusive property of Aerotecnica Coltri SpA; in particular, all intellectual property rights such as trademarks, trade names, signs, designs, and copyrights are reserved and the exclusive property of Aerotecnica Coltri SpA

The data and information contained on the Site are provided for illustrative purposes only with regard to Aerotecnica Coltri SpA and its activities. The user is not allowed to record such contents, not even in part, on any type of support, nor to reproduce, copy, publish and / or use them for commercial purposes without the prior written authorization of Aerotecnica Coltri SpA; the possibility for the user to extract a copy for personal use only is reserved.

Aerotecnica Coltri SpA reserves the right to modify the contents and functional and operational methods of the Site at any time and at its own discretion, without prior notice.

Aerotecnica Coltri SpA undertakes to ensure that the information contained in the Site meets the requirements of accuracy and topicality, remaining however relieved of any responsibility for any errors and / or inaccuracies in the contents of such information.

Aerotecnica Coltri SpA is not responsible for the content of any other website through which, through a hyperlink, the user has reached the Site, nor for the contents of websites accessible via hyperlinks from its Site. Aerotecnica Coltri SpA is in no way responsible for any loss and / or damage suffered by the user for any reason as a result of access by the user to websites to which the Site is linked via hyperlinks.

Aerotecnica Coltri SpA is also not responsible for damages deriving from any interruptions, suspensions, delays and / or anomalies in the connection to the Site depending on the supply of electricity or telephone service or malfunctioning of the Internet network or in any case from any and any other cause. not dependent on one’s own will.

For any information or clarification, the user can contact the names indicated in the “ Contacts “of the Site.

2. Product specifications

All the products presented on this Site are on sale at Aerotecnica Coltri SpA and authorized resellers.

The information relating to the products contained in this Site is purely indicative of some general characteristics of the same and does not in any way constitute a description of the technical specifications by the Manufacturer and / or the Seller. In this sense, we invite the Customer to always contact Aerotecnica Coltri SpA or authorized resellers to be informed about the specific characteristics and the price in effect at the time of purchase (which may also be the subject of a single negotiation) and in particular in relation to the availability of the single product at the time of the order.

Any data and / or information on this Site must be considered purely indicative. All information transmitted, such as for example design, conditions of sale, prices, etc …, are subject to changes by Aerotecnica Coltri SpA

The images on the Site may depict exemplary products of the range with accessories and options not included as standard but only at the request of the purchaser.

Aerotecnica Coltri SpA assumes no responsibility in the event of substantial changes with respect to what was previously disclosed through this Site.

To guarantee their authenticity, Aerotecnica Coltri SpA products are on sale only at authorized dealers; Aerotecnica Coltri SpA does not sell its compressors through the website nor does it guarantee the originality of the compressors sold online.

For any specifics in this regard, Aerotecnica Coltri SpA invites users to contact the nearest authorized dealer, or the Aerotecnica Coltri SpA Assistance Service, using the following contact details:

Via Colli Storici, 177
25015 Desenzano del Garda (BS)
Tel: +39.030.9910301 – +39.030.9910297
Fax: +39.030.9910283

Aerotecnica Coltri SpA reserves the right to modify the products presented on its Site at any time.

The addition and / or replacement of components or accessories with other components and / or accessories not manufactured by Aerotecnica Coltri SpA, as well as the alteration, modification or intervention carried out on Aerotecnica Coltri SpA products by unauthorized third parties from the latter voids the warranty.

Aerotecnica Coltri SpA does not approve any changes made to its products by unauthorized third parties, including the addition of elements or acts of personalization, as such changes could compromise the quality and integrity of the products.

3. Intellectual Property Rights

This Site and all its content, including but not limited to text, graphic representations, images, logos and icons, are the property of Aerotecnica Coltri SpA These elements are protected by intellectual property rights and other industrial rights . Copying, downloading, duplication (total or partial), forwarding (by electronic or other means), modification, translation, creation of links or use of this Site and / or the its content for public or commercial purposes without the prior written consent of Aerotecnica Coltri SpA

In particular, the images and videos cannot be copied or disclosed without the prior written consent of Aerotecnica Coltri SpA

It is understood that users are authorized to download and print the elements of the Site exclusively for purposes of personal and non-commercial use, provided that such content is not modified in any way and that all information relating to intellectual property rights, trademarks and other property rights are kept unaltered).

Aerotecnica Coltri SpA holds the rights relating to all wallpapers, icons, characters, images, graphics, music, texts, videos, software and other contents of the Site (hereinafter “Contents”), as well as all HTML, CGI and any other code or script in any format used for the implementation of the Site (hereinafter “Code”); both the Contents and the Site Code are protected by copyright.

It is expressly forbidden to copy, modify, upload, download, republish, display for the purpose of redistributing to third parties for commercial purposes, or distribute in any way the Code and the Contents of the Site without the prior written agreement of Aerotecnica Coltri SpA; it is also forbidden to use the Contents or the Website Code for purposes other than those authorized in this Notice.

The names, logos and trademarks present on the Site are the property of Aerotecnica Coltri SpA.

It is forbidden to use the names, logos and / or trademarks of Aerotecnica Coltri SpA in any way likely to cause confusion or in any case without the prior written authorization of Aerotecnica Coltri SpA.

4. Information available

Aerotecnica Coltri SpA will endeavor to ensure that the content of the Site is accurate and regularly updated; however, Aerotecnica Coltri SpA does not guarantee that the content of the Site is adequate, accurate, complete and updated. In this sense, Aerotecnica Coltri SpA cannot be subject to any type of liability solely on the basis of the information available on the Site, including any translation thereof.

Aerotecnica Coltri SpA cannot guarantee that the information available on the Site will not be modified due to technical malfunctions (disconnection, interference from third parties, viruses or other causes).

In any case, Aerotecnica Coltri SpA reserves the right to modify at any time, unilaterally and without notice, the information available on the Site, including, by way of example only, the conditions of access to all or some of the parts of the Site and / or the various warnings, disclosures and limitations of liability directed at end users (including, among others, the conditions set out in this Notice).

We therefore invite you to regularly check the content of this Notice in order to be informed of possible changes. The use of this Site is governed by the latest version in force of this Notice and other warnings and conditions of use.

5. Responsibility

Despite the efforts made by Aerotecnica Coltri SpA to guarantee the accuracy and updating of the information on the website, the company does not offer any guarantee or make any representations regarding the contents of the website.

Likewise, Aerotecnica Coltri SpA is in no way responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential loss of data, damages and / or claims of third parties resulting from the use, access or inability to use the information and / or products. present on the Site or in relation to any damage deriving from and / or connected to the use of the Site.

Furthermore, Aerotecnica Coltri SpA declines all responsibility in relation to damage caused and / or viruses that infect the computer equipment or any other property as a result of access, use and / or navigation on the Site, also due to the download of information.

6. Privacy

We ask users to consult the specific document relating to the Information and Protection of privacy, which also governs the methods of processing personal data provided by users.

7. Third party links and websites

Aerotecnica Coltri SpA is not responsible for the contents of the linked sites: in this sense, the user remains solely responsible for the use of any links to other portals. In particular, any links to third party sites must be considered present exclusively for the convenience of the user; Aerotecnica Coltri SpA makes no representations or warranties, expressed or implied, as regards the accuracy, validity, legal suitability of the materials or information contained in such third party sites.

The information and communications contained in other portals and to which you have access through a link that may be present on the Site are subject only to the conditions of use of the portals in question.

The inclusion on the Site of links by any partners that refer to their websites does not imply any recommendation to the user, remaining in any case Aerotecnica Coltri SpA unrelated to their contents.

It is not allowed to insert hypertext links to this Site without the prior written authorization of Aerotecnica Coltri SpA, which expressly reserves all rights in this regard, as well as to prohibit the insertion of links on third party sites.

8. Use of the services

In using the Site, the user undertakes to respect all intellectual property rights, including but not limited to the rights related to copyright, trademarks and designs.

The trademarks, both figurative and denominative, present on the Site, as well as the images, documentation and videos published therein cannot be reproduced, modified and / or used without the prior written consent of Aerotecnica Coltri SpA

Aerotecnica Coltri SpA assumes no responsibility of any kind for the illegitimate use by third parties of the contents of this Site.

By accessing the Site, the user undertakes not to engage in any behavior that may cause damage and / or malfunction to the Site itself.

9. Security in the transmission of messages

Anyone wishing to send an e-mail from their mailbox is required to take all necessary security measures to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of its content. In any case, Aerotecnica Coltri SpA will not be liable in the event of a violation by third parties of the content of the e-mails and / or loss of data during the sending of the same.

10. Changes in performance and conditions of use

Aerotecnica Coltri SpA reserves the right to modify the Site and / or modify its functionality, in whole or in part, at any time.

These Conditions of Use may also be modified over time by Aerotecnica Coltri SpA as a result of changes in the sector regulations or in the event of technological innovations. The same applies in the case of new services and / or products offered by Aerotecnica Coltri SpA that justify a change of the Site.

In this sense, users are invited to periodically consult the Site.

11. Applicable law

These conditions of use have been drawn up in accordance with Italian law.

Any dispute concerning the contents and / or use of this Site will be governed by Italian jurisdiction and laws, remaining the exclusive jurisdiction of the Brescia court, with the explicit exclusion of any other competitors.

12. Revisions

Aerotecnica Coltri SpA reserves the right to revise the terms and conditions contained in this Notice at any time and without prior notice.

These revisions will be binding on users from the date of their publication; in this sense, users are invited to regularly visit the relevant page of the Site in order to check the terms and conditions in force concerning the use of the same.