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Filter cartridges with

CO Catalyst: a guarantee

Of clean breathing air.

In high-pressure compressors used to supply breathing air
safety is a top priority
. However, if the compressor is powered by an internal combustion engine or is located in an environment with potential carbon monoxide presence, there is a real risk that the compressed air will contain this toxic substance.

To address this threat, the use of a purification filter equipped with a
CO Catalyst
. This catalyst is placed inside the filter and actively acts to
Converting carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide.
, thus ensuring that the air delivered is safe for human breathing.

The presence of the
CO Catalyst
in these filters not only protects end users, such as divers and firefighters, but also ensures that the compressed air meets strict safety and quality standards.

are regenerable, it is possible to purchase refill of

in the consumables section of the website.