CO + CO2 + H2O Multigas Analysis System

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Product information

The Coltri Multigas Analysis System is a measuring instrument capable of monitoring air quality. Its application includes continuous monitoring of environmental gases, hyperbaric chambers, safety, medical, air quality.

Available sensors:

Oxygen O 2

Carbon dioxide CO 2

Carbon monoxide CO

Humidity H. 2 OR

Gas temperature

• Helium in the air

By choosing the SAM Multigas Analysis System it is not possible to install the Presec system as well.

General specifications

Input voltage requirement

10-35 Vdc

Internal battery

Li-ion rechargeable battery. One 1400 mAh Li ion 3.7 V cell


Up to 6 sensors


Acoustic alarm

Serial connection

1 RS232 interface. Transmission speed up to 115000 baud, on request RS485 interface

Measurement resolution

24-bit bipolar A / D converter. Drift in automatic temperature compensation

Conversion rate

10 ms

Sampling time

100 ms (min) for each channel

Signal measurement accuracy

0.1% Full scale +/- ½ LSB

Input device

Rotating knob with central thrust

Color display

TFT resolution 320 x 240 dots, led backlight

View the intensity of the light

600 nits (cd / m2)


Micro SD card writer / SD card reader


Cortex M4

ACOUSTIC ALARM On board there is an alarm for the acoustic warning.

SERIAL INTERFACE Standard RS232 interface for connection to the PC. it is possible to read the measurements remotely and program the instrument. software available upon request is required.

NON-VOLATILE MEMORY SAM is equipped with non-volatile memory which keeps configuration data and settings for 10 years without power.

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