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A new model has been added to Coltri’s Booster line: the ACE VII.

Equipped with a 4-stage pumping unit with gas recovery, the new compact booster has a 5.5 kW electric motor. A “stand-alone” filter system with Hyperfilter or Megafilter is available upon request.

Hyperfiltered stand-alone filter system with Hyperfilter Megafilter (optional on request)

The filter system, with activated carbon cartridges, is mounted on a stand-alone stand and includes:

  • Safety valve (variable according to customer’s request)
  • Pressure maintenance valve.
  • External Hyperfilter and separator kit.
  • Stand-alone structure.
  • Automatic condensate drain. Removes water from the intermediate separator and the final separator automatically during operation.

Compressor control and automatic condensate drainage system (included)

ACE VII is equipped with an electrical panel to control the compressor and has:

  • Motor protection switch.
  • Autostart at 40 bar hysteresis.
  • Transformer.
  • Pressure switch.
  • Drainage of all separators.
  • Timer for automatic condensate drainage.
  • Pressure gauges for displaying interstage pressure.