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Have you ever wondered how components capable of working in perfect synchrony with each other are made?

The need is to be able to ensure that the dimensions of a piece are precise, so that more complex systems can work together. To do this reasoning in millimeters is completely irrelevant, you have to think in micron , one thousandth of a millimeter. The micron is a measure that seems irrelevant but in our sector it can make a difference. To get a clearer idea of what a micron is, consider that the diameter of a human hair generally varies between 65 and 78 µm.

For measurements of this type, we have decided to use the best on the market, namely Zeiss technology. Our measuring machine allows us to ensure surprising results: the tolerance margin of a measurement is in fact from 1.5μm to 1.8μm. It is so easy to understand how the components of a compressor can really work in sync with each other. The diameter of a red blood cell is 8 microns, to give another example.

How does it work?

The machine is equipped with a feeler which, as can be deduced from the name, passes in contact with the various points of the surface of the piece. Thanks to its passage and the use of specific software, the coordinates created by the movement are translated into real measurements. We don’t limit ourselves to the contours of an object, but can also measure its internal parts. Taking a simple example, working on one of our cylinders, this metrological machine maps it point by point and also highlights its roundness, taper and concentricity values.

The aim is to provide unparalleled assistance and control capabilities to our production department. Absolute precision is key when it comes to precision mechanical components and so is their repeatability. Investing in this type of machinery is of vital importance to allow us to deliver an excellent product, allowing us to optimally simulate the behavior of the various pieces and guaranteeing continuous and perfect reproducibility of the various components of your Coltri compressor.