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We have already told you about the new COLTRI OIL ST 755, a perfect synthetic lubricant for Coltri products, and its technical innovations, including eco-friendly packaging.

But why is it so important to use original products?

The original products and spare parts have been designed, produced and tested to obtain the best performance and durability. Have you ever wondered what happens with prolonged use of a generic mineral oil, for example? Internal parts, such as valves, get dirty quickly, reducing functionality and even damaging the entire system.

Using original Coltri lubricants on our compressors increases the service life and protects all the compressor components from wear, as well as reducing both energy consumption and oil consumption. In this way, interventions and maintenance costs also decrease, dispelling the myth of the economic saving of low quality oils. We have enhanced our assistance service to respond more quickly to your needs, but we prefer that it takes care of routine maintenance, rather than having to solve avoidable emergencies with the use of original products and spare parts.

What makes Coltri Oil ST 755 unique?

Produced with Tri-Ester technology, COLTRI OIL ST 755 is designed and created specifically to improve all the performance of our products and improve their life.

Coltri synthetic oil has a life of up to 8 times longer, ensuring less frequent changes than mineral oils.
It means more environmental awareness, less maintenance and reduced spending.
Consumption is reduced by up to 50% compared to a mineral product with the same viscosity.
With its cleaning power, its superior oxidation resistance and extraordinary thermal stability keep the compressor parts cleaner. What does it mean? Less maintenance, more safety.

Do your machines a favor, trust the official Coltri brand and its partners. Coltri cannot guarantee the ideal performance of its machines if non-original spare parts are used and the use of non-certified parts can lead to loss of warranty about our products.