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The diving sector, of which we are part, is an important reality for the Italian economy. It includes a wide range of activities, some carried out in support of the energy sector (exploitation of hydrocarbon fields and wind farms / parks in the Italian sea), others for recreational and tourist purposes, others still alongside scientific activities.

However, the COVID emergency prevented activities from being carried out safely.

A working group made up of SIMSI, ASSOSUB, AISI and DIRITTO E SUBACQUEA has created a document of recommendations to start the transition during the resumption of activities.

This document obviously has no legal value, but is intended as a guide for all concerned and for state bodies, acting as a support to legislative activity. It was drafted after reviewing the relevant literature and after discussion with several industry experts.

We therefore invite anyone interested in reading the attached document, hoping for a rapid resumption of operations during phase 2 of the lockdown in which we find ourselves