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The new three-stage pumping unit offers the same areas of application as the GP 100 (formerly MCH 6) but with 40% more performance!

First stage 78mm

Second stage 32mm

Third stage 14mm

Stroke 20mm

140 l / min at 2,300 RPM

Die-cast aluminum first and second stage cylinder

with nicasil deposit

Third stage steel cylinder with CARBO-IN heat treatment

Floating third stage piston with 5 cast iron segments

Interstage cooling tubes in stainless steel

Interstage safety valves

Oil content 1 liter

Gooseneck with hardened rings

Forged aluminum connecting rods

Needle roller bearings on the gooseneck and pin

Splash and oil pump lubrication

with flexible impeller

Separator after the second stage

Final separator

Maxifilter final filter

Holding valve