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The pumping units are the beating heart of our products and the part in which Coltri Compressors’ commitment to research and technological innovation stands out the most. The engineering development of the groups in recent years has gone hand in hand with the choice of increasingly efficient materials with a strong visual impact. For this reason, we have decided to change the paint on the pumping units MCH6, MCH8, MCH11, MCH13, MCH16, MCH18, MCH21 and MCH23, passing to a transparent one.

To date, the choice had fallen on a silver-colored cover but we decided to emphasize the technical beauty of the machine in all its parts, from the aluminum cylinders to the stainless steel components.

The new transparent varnish allows us to highlight every detail, maintaining the high standard of resistance to wear and external agents to which we have accustomed you over the years.