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The improvements of our products do not focus only on performance: we are also always attentive to the practical aspects of use, to deliver machines that are ever easier to use.

The new condensate diffuser for the tank is just for this, to speed up your operations. It is built as a single block, machined from solid aluminum and then anodized, to ensure the durability and resistance we have become accustomed to.


When the tank that collects the condensate is full, it must be properly emptied. The old system therefore required to disconnect all the relative collection tubes before carrying out the operations, now everything is simpler. The cap now acts as a ring nut, avoiding the twisting of the tubes. In simple terms, just unscrew the cap. The operation that previously required several steps, now allows it to be solved in a simple movement, the same with which we are used to opening or closing a bottle of water.

The new diffuser is present on all our models from this month.