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The use of original Coltri products and spare parts is essential for the correct use of our compressors. Not only that, it is the only way to guarantee the indicated performance. Each of our components works with the others to optimize performance and duration until extraordinary results are achieved, such as those related to the life cycle of the oil.

Superior and certified results

Now, thanks to careful work on the entire operating cycle of our charging stations, we have moved on to certify 1000 hours of use with a single oil change, starting from a duration of 250 hours.

How is it possible? We took this issue in hand by working on two completely different but complementary fronts. The new oil formulations, designed with the best in this field, had already largely optimized the duration but it was also working on the other side, on our compressors, that it was possible to quadruple the life cycle. The new choices of materials and coatings for our components have a positive impact not only on performance and general wear, but also on the achievement of this extraordinary result as regards the oil change.