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The Coltrimix system allows you to create Nitrox and Trimix blends.

How does it work?

Easy to install, it has enormous advantages for their ease of use.

It guarantees mathematically programmable software mixes with minimal pressure loss.

Coltrimix is composed of a series of mixing elements placed in series in a tubular structure.

Mixing is based on the division and radial deviation of the fluid by each element.

Coltrimix is simple and intuitive from the very first use.

• Extreme safety thanks to the power supply to external 24 V low voltage solenoid valves for connection to the compressor

• Pneumatic valves that close in the event of an Excess Gas Alarm

• Stainless steel structure, small and compact dimensions for easy assembly

• High efficiency internal flow mixers

• Micrometric adjustment flow meters with large stroke for a total controlled adjustment of the inlet gas flow

• Analysis of the gas leaving the compressor