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The Fire Brigade, during the most serious and dangerous interventions, must use recharge systems for their breathing support equipment. As manufacturers of charging stations, firefighters’ use is one of the applications we are most proud of, because it allows us to be among those responsible for their safety. Being part of the equipment of those who are ready to risk their lives for the community fills us with pride.

For this we are particularly happy to share with you that Coltri Compressors has become part of an extensive project to upgrade the equipment of the emergency services of the city of Johannesburg . Our reloading units, formerly used by the South African Police diving team, are now also supplied to the fire brigade. Four units have been prepared for use in vehicles and three more backup units remain in the plant.

To fill their breathing air cylinders, the choice fell on the model TECH MCH 16 DY of the Efficient line with electric start, automatic condensate drain system and autostop ready to refuel 6 cylinders from 50l to 300 bar.

Our stations become operational in emergency situations: in large fires they guarantee the firefighters operating on the scene the possibility of refilling their cylinders. The compressors have been positioned on a removable trolley which is prepared for use as soon as they arrive at the place of action; the exhaust fumes are expelled from the rear of the trolley, where we find a door created ad hoc to prevent the same fumes from reaching the compressor intake system.