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Design is key in building a product like a Coltri compressor, but there’s no idea it can work without using the best materials. Our drive for continuous innovation has therefore led us to adopt the Nikasil for our aluminum cylinders.

What is Nikasil?

Nikasil is a nickel and silicon alloy with which our cylinders are coated to obtain less friction during component movements, greater wear resistance and higher rotation speeds for always top performance.

This precision treatment must obviously be carried out by high-level professionals, which is why Coltri relies on a company that is a point of reference for this type of treatment. We choose Gilardoni’s experience.

Gilardoni has always been a point of reference for everything related to cylinders. The company produces and processes a wide range intended for various uses, with an eye to the most professional needs such as aeronautical and competitive use. Gilardoni has devised a new method for applying Nikasil, the GILNISIL® . The GILNISIL® coating is represented by a nickel base with very fine solid particles of silicon carbide distributed in a variable percentage according to the processing.

Working alongside another company that represents the best of Made in Italy allows us to create increasingly performing and resistant components according to a structured process tailored to our needs, modifying the application methods and formulations for each type of machine we produce.