compressori portatili

Discover the Portables line of small compressors for divers, paintball, PCP and firefighters: you only need an hour to recharge up to 3 breathing air cylinders* ​​

The Portables line is the new frontier of small portable compressors, dedicated to professional divers, paintball operators, PCP operators and firefighters with the performance of the GP 100 pumping unit, an evolution of the MCH-6. Portable compressors allow you to easily and easily refill the cylinders on board, without taking up space, exceeding the already excellent performance levels of previous versions. The extreme maneuverability of the compressor is demonstrated by its super light frame which weighs only 38kg (Icon LSE).

(*filling time of an empty 10 liter cylinder – 0/200 bar with tolerance ±5%).

Compressors for security and defense and other applications

The models in the Portables line are able to satisfy the needs of multiple sectors: the breathing air of compressors for divers is also exploited, for example, in the field of security and defense. Their high quality is appreciated by firefighters and law enforcement agencies up to paintball gamers.

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