We build quality,
strictly Made in Italy.

A story
60 years long.

Coltri Compressors was founded in the 1960s to respond to requests for support in the diving world. This is how we structured our workshops to create a production of high pressure Made in Italy compressors for breathing air.

We have created them in Italy, where we directly control all processes, from idea to assembly. Our propensity for innovation has allowed us not to stop at diving. We have expanded the offer with products dedicated to technical gases and other fields of application, using the same vision quality-oriented without compromise, typical of Made in Italy.

150 employees.

The request for an increase in production capacity and the presence in new application sectors allow a constant growth of this figure.

70,000 products sold.

The increasingly efficient production plants and an increase in personnel allow us to satisfy more and more customers every year.

6,000 compressors exported.

Exports represent a very large percentage of our production.

30 certifications.

Quality always comes first. Our certifications allow us to always maintain our quality standards to the maximum.

7 offices around the world.

We are close to all our customers. We have located 7 of our offices around the globe.

130 dealers.

Today our commercial presence substantially covers all the main countries of the world.

An industrial company that has been able to establish itself on markets all over the world thanks to far-sighted strategies aimed at developing production solutions at the state of the art of technology, often expressing a strong sense of technological anticipation.

Our history.

In 60 years of activity the company has developed skills and experience such as to always be able to respond to customer needs by developing and supplying machining centers that know how to combine performance, flexibility, customization and reliability.


Carlo Coltri and his father Giuseppe built for the first time a high pressure breathing air compressor to fill the cylinders used during their dives in Lake Garda.


An important year. It represents the birth of the company that from here in then it will produce high-pressure compressors for breathing air and technical gases.
Aerotecnica Coltri Srl is founded


The product range is expanded to make room for more powerful machines. The first MCH 16 pumping unit is produced, equipped with a flow rate of 265 l / min.


Even more power, speed over charging time and maximum performance.
The first MCH 36 pumping unit is born, equipped with a flow rate of 650 l / min.


The market is constantly evolving, there is a marked increase in the demand for our compressors.
Coltri Compressors doubles the surface of the production site becoming Aerotecnica Coltri SpA


Thanks to the constantly updated technologies of the production site, in 2015 the MCH 16 pumping unit is the subject of profound innovations.


Coltri Compressors is updated with a new workshop equipped with the latest technologies. Construction quality, precision on detail, high performance and reliability allow us to affirm that: quality is our standard.

Our product is the synthesis of continuous technological development and investments in Research & Development.

Constant evolution.

Constant evolution in design and manufacturing has become the core of the our identity: 60 years development allowed us to create machinery that now they represent the point reference of the sector in the world.

This propensity for research and development has allowed us to move from users of the most modern technical options to protagonists of the technological progress of the sector. We use all the most modern instruments, such as robots and numerically controlled machine tools, to create increasingly reliable, efficient and long-lasting products.

Watch the video “How is made”.

Build quality.

Each component of the pumping units is designed and created in the Coltri workshops and is the result of careful study and numerous tests. We assemble all our compressors in their entirety within by Aerotecnica Coltri according to rigorous quality standards.

We use machines with extraordinary technical precision such as ZEISS ® , which plays a fundamental role in dimensional metrology; this allows us to detect the geometric characteristics of the pieces and to predict their behavior during use as components of more complex assemblies.

We like to see ourselves as facilitators. We create our machines so that it is easier to test yourself, to overcome limits and imagine new possibilities. Whether it’s a hobby activity, industrial application or support for emergency response activities, Coltri Compressors is here to push the bar higher, to allow you to reach the unexplored.